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Aaron Durall, Esquire


About Aaron

Aaron Durall, Esquire, is a dedicated entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience working as an attorney and entrepreneur. He has dedicated his life to supporting causes that he believes in and helping others through business and community involvement.

Aaron Durall, Esquire, currently serves as the Founder and President of Sacramento-based cannabis laboratory, CanMedLabs. Since founding the company in June of 2018, Aaron Durall, Esquire has dedicated himself to providing the cannabis industry with high-quality services that are built on integrity and reliability. Offering testing for heavy metals, terpenes, cannabinoids, pesticides, microbials, residual solvents, Aaron and the CanMedLabs team ensure companies deliver high-quality products that are safe for the general public. Comprised of highly trained toxicology professionals, CanMedLabs leverages its extensive knowledge in analytical chemistry, microbiology, and clinical chemistry to provide unparalleled services to dispensaries and individuals across the United States. As President, Aaron Durall, Esquire ensures that the laboratory is continually updating its test menu to ensure that they are following the latest trends in regulatory standards. Together, Aaron and the CanMedLabs team understand how to thrive and compete in the highly regulated and ever-changing landscape of cannabis analytical testing services. 

Before his most recent venture with CanMedLabs, Aaron Durall, Esquire was the proud owner of Reliance Laboratory Testing, a company that offers high-quality diagnostic testing. Based in Sunrise, Florida, Reliance Laboratory Testing conducted urinalysis testing for physicians and treatment facilities worldwide. As the President of Reliance Laboratory Testing, Aaron was committed to changing the healthcare landscape. Dedicated to helping poor American citizens with little to no access to proper healthcare, Aaron made it his mission to increase accessibility to healthcare facilities and improve turnaround time for laboratory testing. In August of 2016, while still overseeing Reliance Laboratory Testing, Aaron Durall, Esquire embarked on his second business venture with DL Investments. Through DL Investments, Aaron impressively owned, operated, and managed hospitals in Georgia, Alabama, and California.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, after graduating from his class at Nova Southeastern University, Sheppard Broad Law Center, Aaron Durall had quite an extensive legal career. Upon passing the bar admissions, Aaron opened up his law firm, The Law Offices of Aaron Durall. Aaron flourished in several practice areas for twelve years, including personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, and representation of small businesses in various industries. While successfully running his law practice, Aaron began to pursue other inspired business ventures that would make a difference in the community. 

Today, Aaron Durall, Esquire is focused on leaving the world a better place. As the President of CanMedLabs, Aaron places great value in the quality of service that is being delivered to his clients. A passionate leader with an unparalleled work ethic, Aaron Durall, Esquire is a firm believer in working your way to the top. In a society where everyone expects things instantly, Aaron has proven his willingness to do what many people wouldn’t as a business owner. Aaron Durall, Esquire hopes to continue to grow as a leader and business owner and looks forward to the positive impact his mission will have.

Aaron Durall Esquire Portrait